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Out of Town Repairs

I was passing through Windsor on my way to Detroit on business. I had a wheel bearing failure. I rented a car for the trip to Detroit and left my vehicle at Dr. J'S. TELLING THEM IT MUST BE FINISHED THE NEXT DAY FOR MY RETURN UP North. Perfect situation to get ripped off right? Out of towner with limited options. They had it done in time for the price quoted, no surprises. I also had them do a brake job that was overdue because their price was very fair. I would deal at Dr.J's all the time but I live 4 hours away.

Jim Brownlee
Such a professional and friendly staff.

My go to shop is Dr. J. They take pride in their work and it was nice that Jose explained everything that needed work on my car so I understood what was being done on my SUV. He would also make sure the work is done right. It’s the quality that counts. And Jessa she is such pleasant young lady to deal with in the front and educated me on everything that was happening while it was in the shop. She also does amazing job at car detailing, my car looked better than the day I bought it. And for a mechanic shop the space was super cleaned and organized. I would highly recommend this shop. Such a professional and friendly staff.

Ursula Bustamante
...through 3 different vehicles now, they have never steered me wrong.

I have been coming to Dr. J's auto clinic since I was a teenager, and through 3 different vehicles now, they have never steered me wrong. Jose himself is a very kind and compassionate person, who helps me out from time to time due to my loyalty as a customer. He has been in the business for many years now and knows what he is talking about. Somehow this shop was able to keep my beloved Durango alive far past her time and then helped me in choosing my Journey which I am currently driving. They are honest and don't seem to ever cut corners, which may get expensive but you always know you are paying for quality. The rest of the staff are very kind, and with my anxiety disorder and obsessive mother, I can't be an easy customer to deal with. Yet, they always treat me with kindness, and always do good work on my vehicles. Take it from a lifelong customer, if you want work done right by people who actually give a damn, go to Dr. J's.

They did an excellent job diagnosing my car.

They did an excellent job diagnosing my car. I had major loss of power and noise issues due to a combination of broken sensors and coils, exhaust, intake issues. The car now has all its torque, speed and response back and they gave me a great deal. Thanks guys!! Works like new again.

Drew Mason

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